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Keune Academy by 124 offers modern beauty education designed for students who want to become licensed cosmetologists. Whether your passion is to be creative with hair color, innovative with hair styles, or something else altogether, our goal is to help you succeed!

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Master Cosmetology

The accredited Master Cosmetology program at Keune Academy by 124 is a 1,500 hour course designed to prepare students to sit for the state board licensing exam and begin a career in cosmetology. Some of the topics that we cover include:”

  • Hair cutting & styling
  • Hair coloring
  • Texturing & perms
  • Manicuring
  • Pedicuring
  • Skin care services
  • Make-up
  • Business education
  • And much more

Once you have completed the 1,500 hours in the program and met all of the other eligibility requirements, you can sit for the state licensing exam to become a licensed cosmetologist! This can allow you to work in hair salons and spas, and it can put you on a career path that takes you places you never would imagine! Learn how to get started by requesting a tour.

Check out one of our graduate success stories: Brooke Vitatoe!

Hair Design

Want to learn about hair without worrying about skin care, manicures, and pedicures? No problem! Our accredited Hair Design program is only requires 1,325 hours and can allow you to earn your hair design license. It’s a great way to dive right into the world of beauty without investing time in services that you are not passionate about!

Our Curriculum

Keune Academy by 124 has partnered with Pivot Point International to provide a modern cosmetology curriculum that is designed with all kinds of learners in mind. The education is all digital, so we supply all of our students with iPads as part of their cosmetology kit! This allows students to take their education with them wherever they go and always be learning. The curriculum is also designed to help people who may not learn well in a traditional classroom environment. The Pivot Point education is stuffed full of resources, visuals, and more to make learning cosmetology as attainable as possible!

Our Products

The Keune product line is something that sets this school apart from others in the area. Keune is a cosmetics company based out of Holland, and the headquarters for Keune in the United States is located here in Georgia. Keune brings vibrant, modern, and exciting European products for our students to work with. Our students have access to the entire line of Keune products, which allows them to explore and experiment to their heart’s content. The hair color line by Keune is particularly interesting because it is centered around using a deep knowledge of color mixing to create stunning hair colors. It helps our students to be creative and find new and innovative ways to color hair!

Business Training

Becoming a licensed cosmetologist is an important step to becoming a talented professional hair stylist, nail artist, or skin specialist. Another important skill set you want to develop is how to manage your business. Whether you just style hair on the weekends or own a whole salon of your own, knowing business basics can help you to be more successful right out of the gate. This is why we place an emphasis not only on sitting for the state licensing exam, we also want our students to be prepared to excel as beauty professionals.

Financial Aid

Beauty school is an investment in yourself, so it’s important to know about all of your options to help pay for school. Because our master cosmetology and hair design programs are accredited by the state, federal financial aid is available to those who qualify. Other scholarship opportunities can include:

  • Ace Grant – $1,500 scholarship for students who pay for their education upfront.
  • High School Graduate Scholarship – $1,500 scholarship for high school students who have completed 350 hair hours or more during their trade school elective courses.
  • Transfer Scholarship – $3,000 scholarship for students who have completed 450 hours or more at another beauty school before transferring to Keune Academy by 124.
  • And many more!

Our admissions officer has the responsibility of helping you to find the most effective way for you to fund your future. When you meet with them, they can review your options and help you get started! Contact us to learn more.

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Many professional cosmetologists say they wish they had started their careers sooner. Don’t be one of them! The family at Keune Academy by 124 is excited to meet you and help you along the way. Contact us to learn more about our school and what you can do with a career in cosmetology!


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