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freshman-classIn an industry that revolves around the latest trends and thinking ahead to next season, it is important to define one’s self or one’s company consistently. Some would refer to this as branding. Keune Academy by 124’s newest addition, John Palmieri, calls it culture.

When thinking of culture, your mind may revert back to middle school social studies and learning about different cultures around the world. What about business culture? What about industry culture? Palmieri has culture in the forefront of our minds…and we love it.

Palmieri comes to TPIC after years of traveling North America as an educator, consultant and coach to the salon and spa industries. A cosmetology background combined with being a business owner, John Palmieri brings a powerful combination to our school—the creative nerd.

This creative nerd is determined to make our industry better for hairstylists.

“There’s so much here. The creative aspect that hairdressers have…There is this emotional part that stylists are; they connect with people. Then for some of us, there is the geeky part, the number crunching and business side to it.”

You may wonder how he plans on impacting such a transformative industry. What can one really do to make a lasting impact in such an extensive field?

For Keune Academy by 124, it starts from the beginning of a future stylist’s journey; however, it’s not just their education that will make both themselves and the industry better. It is their culture, a set of core values and beliefs that will define them throughout their careers and lives.

Since Palmieri joined the TPIC team, he has injected this whole-heartedly into our cosmetology school, even creating a Core Values and Beliefs course to be incorporated in the freshmen curriculum.

Our first freshmen class chose the following core values and beliefs to define themselves:

  • Class
  • Be Positive
Be Authentic
  • Show Love
Have Trust
Be Supportive

For the next seven months, these ideals will guide this class on their journey through the art of hair design. But more so, these ideals will carry over into their journeys from the start of their professional careers and beyond.

By defining their culture early on, each class is able to identify similarities while minimizing differences. With the students, rather than instructors, claiming what values and beliefs represent and define them, they are much more likely to carry out these things and hold each other accountable in living up to them. The system brings amazing team-building skills and maybe even a little bit of life skills.

See The Keune Academy by 124 Facebook Page, where you can find pictures of our freshmen culture classes and much more.

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