The Gifts We Give

Another year’s ending inevitably finds us reflecting on our past and looking to the future. As we clean up the remnants of wrapping paper, let us not forget one of the greatest gifts of all, education.

hair-school1-300x179As a leading cosmetology school in the Atlanta area, Keune Academy by 124’s focus has and always will be providing future hair designers with both a strong education and the tools to succeed in the world of beauty. With this focus, we were elated to be recently recognized by Modern Salon Excellence in Education as an honoree in the Placement category. This recognition reflects efforts displayed in our Graduate Placement Program. What is an education if you can’t utilize it?..An ultimate loss and waste of talent. At TPIC, we pride ourselves not only on creating the foundation for our students but also on cultivating a future for our graduates through a multi-tiered approach to assist with placing them in their first salons.

Relationships with Salons and Distributors

At the Keune Academy by 124, we value traditional relationships and have put extensive efforts into building valuable relationships. We take time to engage with local salons to best understand their cultures and styles, so that we may introduce our graduates to the salons that will best fit them. This method proves invaluable to both sides of the spectrum, the student as well as the salon, as it has enabled us to have a 91% placement rate in 2012 (unplaced students are typically due to a change in career path or family building).

We have continuously increased the number of salons seeking our graduates for placement. Our geographical outreach has also increased, with graduates finding placement as far as Italy and London.

Nurturing relationships with some of the top salons in the Atlanta area also allows us to offer an array of perspectives to our students. Through our Industry Connection classes we introduce and connect our students to industry leaders and educators. Our suburban location enables opportunities to connect with other top hair schools in Atlanta.

In addition to our salon relationships, Keune Academy has also developed amazing relationships with our distributors. Our sales representatives regularly see our students and their work ethic. This combined with their knowledge of such an extensive list of salons in the Atlanta area, help to match the right stylist with the right salon.

Traditional Job Seeking Preparation

Like any reputable post secondary education institution, Keune Academy by 124 feels responsible to properly prepare its graduates with the tools needed to land their first job in the beauty industry. We understand that regardless of your skills behind the chair, a résumé is often a hiring salon’s first impression. We see to it that our graduates understand how to develop a well-written, relevant résumé.

Interview jitters can be very distracting to say the least. An interview can make or break you without one look at your technical skills. TPIC understands that the only way to prevail over those jitters is through practice and training. We believe in instilling our graduates with confidence to make it through the interview process and land their first jobs to start their careers.

Lastly, TPIC provides an extensive city by city opportunity list of salons in Georgia. We also regularly update job listings on our Facebook page. This allows current students and past graduates to jump at opportunities in the salon world.

Showcasing Student Talent

Keune Academy by 124 holds two annual fashion shows that focus on allowing our students’ talents and creativity to shine. We invite local salon owners to attend these events and hold career fairs in conjunction with each show.

Each fashion show allows for an individual or group of students to style a model. Following the shows, students are given opportunities to explain their approach and inspiration behind their looks. Combining these events with career fairs has proven to be an amazing networking tactic allowing students to build relationships with salon owners and future employers.

So as we close out our 2013 holiday season, remember that some of the greatest gifts do not come packaged in bows and ribbon, but rather they are found within us and are there to radiate through our abilities. Whatever your gift may be, appreciate it, nurture it and utilize it to the fullest.

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